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I went thru life for many years putting everyone else first and living out of whack. I did a lot of things right, yet never saw the tsunami up ahead. Not until my marriage was in crisis, my adrenals burnt out, and the death of my mother and sister... did I really hone in on how important it was to take care of me. Following my sister's passing, I would read obituaries about women who were the sweetest, most caring, selfless individuals till it hit me one day..I WAS ONE OF THEM! They indeed had become the sacrificial lamb!! And NO, I was not going to be next!! Firmly, I made a pledge to honor myself and the women that had come before me...by taking care of ME.  Throughout my life, juicing, cleansing, and general wellness research, had always been a passion of mine, yet something was missing... like puzzle pieces...someone had snatched the blue sky! THE SEARCH BEGAN!! Thru seeking answers to my own health issues and taking better care of myself physically and spiritually...I began to learn to love myself in ways that I never had before. Slowing down, creating boundaries, laying off the caffeine craze and listening to my body, became my ART. Rediscovering that my health was not only about what I ate but about the lifestyle I was living, was a huge breakthrough for me. With absolute humility and gratitude, I can say that in time... I HEALED, and so did my marriage! I FELT JOYFUL AGAIN!! My life became balanced and my purpose became evident. I would pay it forward! I would find a way to share what I had learned with both men and women and help others to balance their lives. I named my company Go Be You! THE PASSIONATE YOU, THE HEALTHIEST YOU, THE BEAUTIFUL YOU, THE BEST YOU! The you God created you to be.

Thru private and group coaching, cleanses, workshops and retreats, I share what I believe to be the path to a beautiful balanced life.  Focusing on loving yourself and learning to live a life of balance not only benefits you, but those around you. REALLY! Sincerely, I absolutely love what I do and I am so grateful to be doing this work. Every life is precious. Everyone of us has a light within that wants to shine.  My goal is to help you shine BRIGHTLY!!!.




"Words can't even express how thankful I am to have met you. It was fate and love at first site. I met you last fall with no clue what GoBeYou meant or how to live by it. But that has changed, 6 months later I'm closer to myself than I've ever been...my mind, body and soul...and it's all because of you and the past 6 months with your coaching. My personal growth has led me feeling the best ever and the journey continues. Thank you for helping me get out of the gutter, inspiring me, pushing me and believing in me!" GoBeSom



I have a  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts - Summa Cum Laude, from WSU and the University of Japan,  Certification in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Coursework Certification in Aromatherapy from Bastyr University. I am a compassionate listener with all my clients... showing them kindness and love with a little humor mixed in!! My life experiences as a wife,working mom of 3, makeup artist and world traveler have richly influenced my ability to empathize and approach the diversity of my clients with non-judgment and empathy. I LOVE TO COOK and grow my own as well as use my creativity as an artist in my approach to coaching!Passionate about helping my clients create a balanced life, I strive daily to walk my talk!  As your health and beauty coach, the bonus of working with me...I do beauty makeovers and skincare education as a part of my practice!  Working at the highest level of the fashion industry with top photographers, models and clients, I like to bring my expertise of modern beauty to the world of health. Inner and outer beauty are essential to feeling good about oneself, don't you think? and...I really believe in GREEN BEAUTY...another reason I developed my own products! My core beliefs...LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...YOU ARE LOVED and meant to CELEBRATE  LIFE with JOY and OPTIMISM!! 



PrIVATE / Group coaching

Public speaking/ WORKSHOPS

                                     30 DAY SELF-CARE CHALLENGES













 3 day retreats on how to create a balanced life.
Barre, yoga, meditation, juicing, cooking and coaching.

A Holiday Makeover Beauty Workshop at Whole Foods

Tutorial on how to use Whole Body beauty products to create a holiday look.

Go Be You and Get Your Glow On Workshops at Barre 3 Seattle, Wa

Tutorials on inner/outer beauty and the benefits of juicing.

beauty CLEANSE

14 Day detox complete with supplements, recipes
and cleanse coaching.


A wellness retreat on how to glow from the inside out, including organic masks and fresh face beauty makeovers with natural beauty products.