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You can do this!!!!! I believe in YOU!!! The hardest part for most of you is giving up your coffee! right?? Well, if you replace it with something else…you can create a new ritual!!! 

I like to make the lemon/cayenne drink first thing. I put it in a nice mug or tea cup and as I take a sip, I imagine it flowing thru my body like a cleansing river…rushing thru my cells…removing what I do not need. I really do!!! Reciting my AFFIRMATION at the same time…starting my day off right!!

Usually I do get a headache or a heavy headed feeling in my eyes the first couple of days from caffeine withdrawal. That is to be expected…AND I do feel kind of tired.  So, having DAY 1 start on a weekend or my day off is a good choice. That way I can relax. Nap…take it easy, be kind to myself…SLOW DOWN… it’s OK.

(Remembering to take the supplements with each shake also takes a little discipline. Yet, they really help the cleanse to work! SO don’t forget!!)

This first day just allow yourself to ease into your new regime. If you want to weigh in, go ahead!! Remember you will lose some weight due to releasing toxins as well as calorie reduction. We aren't eating a bunch of heavy carbs, sugar, dairy etc…so more than likely…you will begin to shed some weight right away. If that is one of your goals, be mindful of nuts and nut butters. It’s easy to eat the whole jar full if you aren’t careful!!! 

Play around with your shake recipe. If you are sensitive to sweets then add more greens and celery and skip the berries. Fiber helps with insulin sensitivity and blood sugar imbalance.

Just be kind to yourself today! Give yourself a pat on the back for loving your own body thru this cleanse. Thru your efforts to take better care of your own body you will influence others to do the same!!! It’s amazing how just feeling good and looking good…makes other’s want some of that!!!! That ripple effect is a beautiful thing……..