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DAY 15

Are you wondering how to transition back into normal life?
if a DETOX LIFESTYLE isn’t normal for you?

GO SLOWLY….if you generally do things a lot differently than the cleanse suggests…please reintroduce food and drink slowly, see how your body feels…listen.  

I want to share with you what happened to me on DAY 15. As some of you know, I have a bad love affair with caffeine. I love it but it doesn’t love me. SO one of the benefits of doing a DETOX, is to break up with caffeine for a couple weeks, and hopefully not return…or at least take it easy afterwards.

Mark and I walked to the coffee shop on Day 15. Before we left, I scrambled an egg, since I know protein with/before caffeine is a good choice. I ordered a split shot (half caffeine/half decaf) almond milk latte. WELL….sad face….after just 3-4 sips….no kidding…I started to sweat profusely in my underarms, my eyes got blurry and my knees started aching!!! NO JOKE!!! I turned to Mark and said, “HUN…this is crazy!!!” He replied that he felt fine, just a little buzz…that he liked…but no major reactions like I had (of course) This was the most violent reaction I have ever had to caffeine, except for the first time I had a coffee when I was 22, living in Japan. (I thought I was having a heart attack!!!)

For your information, I am a BLOOD TYPE O and Mark is an A. According to BLOOD TYPE information, caffeine is beneficial to Type A, and not good for Type O (sad face) Type O runs acidic and caffeine is just that! It also can rev us up TOO MUCH…almost like SPEED (yikes) and basically tell our bodies to flip on the FIGHT OR FLIGTH SWITCH!! Hence, the sweating! The blurry eyed bit can come from the caffeine affecting our blood sugar levels and insulin production.(WHICH also raises CORTISOL levels and causes TUMMY FAT) The inflammation in the knees…there again…cells do not like it!! 

The sad thing is…I still crave it!!! Even after this happening to me…I will admit…it is a struggle to resist!!! EVEN THO MY BODY WAS SPEAKING LOUD AND CLEAR!! So…I feel ya!! Even tho we know we should avoid some things…it isn’t easy is it?? So what am I doing about coffee…well, on the days when I make a choice to go against what is best for me…IDEALLY I try and make sure my tummy is full, that I am not stressed (double trouble) and use the energy it is giving me to work it thru my body.(I exercise it out) I get a decaf, add protein powder and fat (ghee) and blend it like a BULLETPROOF coffee if I can. Believe me…it is something I really do struggle with!

So, what should you do?? Journal what happens to you as you re-introduce sugar, caffeine, soy, dairy, gluten…what else? Write it down and keep paying attention. Keep track of what is working and what isn’t? Are you bloated, constipated, hot, tired, achey?? 

I pretty much know what foods affect me after studying for the last 30 years!! I use my own coaching techniques on myself and do the best I can. No one is perfect and PERFECTION is unattainable. No judgement here…..do the best you can!!

If you do need more help and would like to know more about blood types or more details on what my coaching program entails…just holler! and in the meantime…give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far. You should be proud of yourself!