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I hear some of you are tired, getting the coffee withdrawals??  Typical cleansing symptoms can be headaches,nausea, rashes, aches and pains and CRABBINESS!! 

Our kidneys are getting a cleansing too and if you are too ACIDIC you may experience some side effects…

Kidneys can harbor little stones that are hard like rocks. cleansing can get those stones to start breaking up and eventually flush out.  In the meantime it will feel like a lower back ache, with a burning sensation, sometimes shooting down the back of your legs. IT HURTS!!  If this happens, I suggest taking a half a teaspoon of baking soda with water before bed. It will balance your PH and help out a lot!! (My mom used to get charlie horses in her legs in the night…she would always drink that soda and it worked!!) 

Be PATIENT…this too shall pass. Drinking the water and the alkaline broth will help in any detox symptoms. ALSO…adding a  green juice is very beneficial .It oxygenates your blood and gives immediate energy as well as alkalizing your PH..so do that if you can!! 

Food and drink that make us more acidic are things like coffee, sugar, red meat, and alcohol. So part of this cleanse is to alkalize our bodies, breaking down the toxins and getting our body into a nice neutral state, like a calm pond. Visualize that pond as you drink your alkaline broth or green juice. They really are alkalizing and beneficial in warding off any “C” cells to thrive in our bodies!

IF you get a craving for sugar, have some carrots and dip or a green apple and almond butter. The cravings will diminish the more you cleanse. The Chinese say, when you crave sugar you need protein and when you crave salt you need minerals. So perhaps have the Turkey Roll Up as your snack if you craving sweets or another cup of broth (since it’s packed with minerals) if you are craving salt!

These first few days are the most difficult! Just the smell of coffee makes me want it, but no no no!! 

Please remember, if you can’t do the cleanse perfectly, don’t drop it entirely. We are practicing the art of grace with ourselves one step at a time. The more you prepare for each day, the easier it will be, and hopefully create some new healthy habits that will last longer than these two weeks!

I am preparing the buffalo burger with portobello for my dinner tonight …..so good!


XO Casey