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It's a NEW DAY!!!  
You are on your way now, the first 3 are the hardest! 

I was just thinking I walked right past those cookies at lunch yesterday and never thought about them again! How are your sugar cravings? Getting better? I find since this powder is a bit sweet, I don't seem to crave sugar at all! 

Are you having a green juice or a snack at 3 when you normally might have grabbed another latte?? I find the green juice really energizes me. You can also try a shot of wheatgrass! Superfoods oxygenate your blood and wake you up!! 

If you haven't done all the things listed in one day? Why not today?? Give it a go !  Drink that water, get fresh air, exercise, sweat, and scrub!!

And for those of you that have been suffering from caffeine withdrawals, today is usually the day they subside. Many of you now have a newfound empathy for drug addicts trying to get clean! 

How are you emotionally? Is that "snappy liver " snapping ? Feeling grumpy or irritable is another common symptom of detoxing…. so hang in there and let it come out!!( in a safe setting.) Try to journal and pinpoint what is bothering you? Before you speak out, TNK…ask yourself if it’s True, Necessary or Kind…if not….don’t say it!! Instead, just sit for 5 minutes and let it be. In silence…feel whatever it is you are feeling…and hit your pillow if you have to!!

As far as your meals are concerned, you can also try making enough of one thing so that you can have leftovers for your meal the next day. I realize not all of you have time nor are interested in cooking each day. Turn your salmon dinner into a salmon salad. A great recipe is to put lettuce, sliced cucumber, green onion, avocado, radishes…whatever you like to make into a salad…add the salmon...and using a scissor, cut up some nori seaweed. Make a salad dressing with toasted sesame oil and apple cider vinegar and a teeny bit of real maple syrup and salt. Super YUMMY Asian salad, and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top!!

I am so proud of all of you!!! Getting your body back in balance, giving your organs a bath AND getting that SKIN GLOWING!!!!! YES!!!!!

XO Casey