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reset mondays // TRIBE



So….what do you do when you are finished with the CLEANSE? WELL….one thing you DO NOT want to do, is RELAPSE into old habits that don’t serve you, right? After all this HARD WORK and COMMITMENT I want you to keep going on a HEALTHY PATH…caring for your mind and body!! I suggest you do RESET Mondays every Monday!! That’s right!!!This way, if you have a big social weekend…or not…or rather just need a GOOD KICK OFF to start your work week every week….RESET MONDAYS ARE PERFECT!! You follow the guidebook exactly as you did the very first day of the cleanse! Drink 1 or 2 shakes every Monday and take the supplement packets as well. This way, you will still be cleansing your cells once a week and giving yourself a pump of COLLAGEN at the same time!! I know a lot of people think of a cleanse as a diet, and then go back to their old ways..BUT…if you treat it like a LIFESTYLE and stay accountable by starting your week off on the right foot …you will experience longer lasting results for your OVERALL HEALTH! 

My husband Mark has been a GREAT EXAMPLE of this. He not only does RESET Mondays, he actually now makes a Go-TO SHAKE and takes one Go.Radiate packet, EVERY DAY. Ya, maybe you are thinking that’s kind of expensive, but when I see how healthy he is, how great he feels…even his moods… I will gladly supply him with packets the rest of his life!! What we will save alone on doctor’s appointments is a deal in itself!! It really is interesting too, because it took me 29 years to get him to do his first 14 day DETOX. Originally, I think he was just doing it for me….but now HE IS HOOKED!! ha ha! and I am a HAPPY CAMPER!!! 

As for me, I am doing the same!! From all the traveling I do as a coach and makeup artist, I am exposed to a lot of POLLUTANTS… toxic hair sprays, electromagnetic energy, airplane exhaust, stress ….the list goes on and on….I don’t know about you…but I want to keep my organs CLEAN as well as my BODY LEAN and…my SKIN and JOINTS plumped up as much as I can. I have chosen to embrace my aging without fillers or botox, so I am committed to a NATURAL PROCESS of LOVING MY BODY!! This is one way I do it!!

You decide what works for you? Please contact me any time for any more coaching or tips!! I AM HERE FOR YOU!!! Always remember….HEALTH is WEALTH!!!