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A Joyful You Is the Best Cosmetic!

The passionate you, the healthiest you, the beautiful you, the BEST you!

Hi there!! I’m Casey Gouveia …a PRO Makeup Artist and Holistic Health and Beauty Coach...founder of GoBeYou!! Nice to meet you!!

What do I do? well...I coach women on how to create a beautiful balanced life from the inside out! I do private and group coaching as well as workshops and retreats on how to feel and look good at any age... especially in the MIDDLE YEARS!!

Along with my programs...I have developed some wonderful, natural, nourishing products to enhance your inner and outer beauty! I believe you should feel PASSIONATE, HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL...YOUR BEST AT EVERY AGE!! . My goal is to help you achieve that by taking LOVING HOLISTIC care of yourself.

What do I mean by HOLISTIC?? ALL OF YOU...your body, your life and looks...everything that  contributes to your overall wellbeing!! 

Having had a career in the fashion industry as a makeup artist for the past 20 years, I understand the pressure we all feel to look YOUTHFUL. Yet, if anyone has witnessed that beauty and vitality come from the inside...it's ME! There’s only so much a makeup artist can do! and WOW, it can be overwhelming at times trying to balance it all, right?  AGING does a number on us!! No matter how young or old, we become so critical of ourselves and often times try TOO HARD to stop the tide from coming in ...or plain old give up!! Working with people of all ages..I see their stress...hear the agony of just balancing day to day life. I suggest we dial things back and begin focusing on creating HEALTH and BEAUTY from the inside out... instead of the outside in? Sound good?

So, since you came to my site I have a few questions for you? "How’s life going? How are you feeling?" Are you wired and tired and out of whack, or feeling vibrant and full of energy?!! How's your stress level? 

 For me…well, at one period in my life, STRESS robbed me of my health and happiness. I was so low I could barely lift my chin up off the ground…so tired…so flabby…my hair was falling out…my whole body ached, basically I looked like a hag.  I remember thinking to myself, “This is it…I’m going down.”

Fortunately I wasn't willing to give up that easily. I knew there was something wrong with me but I didn't know what? So I starting investigating, YEP! I treated it a like a real investigation. I spent about 6 months researching my symptoms and trying to find answers. When I finally realized I had severe ADRENAL FATIGUE...I committed myself to doing everything I possibly could to get well again...and I DID!!(Since I have been coaching, I realize how many women have no idea what adrenals even are!!!)

Ladies... we spend so much time giving of ourselves to everyone else…so busy making sure all the needs are met…EXCEPT OUR OWN!! WE BURN OUT! I mean there is nothing wrong with giving …IT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING…yet giving needs boundaries - like yards need fences. 

You and I both could list the names of friends and family who lost the battle, lost the fight, because they did so much for others that they lost their life! That is not going to be ME and it's not going to be YOU, if I have anything to say about it!! It is time you spend that energy taking care of YOU!! Now, I don't mean self-obsession or narcissism, I just mean focusing on your own health and your own needs. If I could do it, so can YOU!! I am 61 and I feel amazing, I feel loved, I still give…I love much…but MOST IMPORTANTLY I now know how to love myself so I have room to give to others. Thru self-love and self-care, aging is no longer a concern for me. I really do feel beautiful and vibrant from the inside out!

Some of the initial questions I ask new clients....Does your life feel beautiful? Do you feel beautiful? Is it balanced? Do you have a zest for life?? Do you know your life's purpose? Do you still have STYLE? MOJO?!! OR do you feel like a wilted flower? Do you look in the mirror with a critical eye and kind of a hopeless feeling?

Well, if you are searching…I believe you have come to the right place!! Let’s dive in together and I will help you figure it out!! By uncovering those things that block us and elevate our internal stressors-RELATIONSHIPS…WEIGHT…WRINKLES…HORMONES...JOBS…a myriad of things…we can bridge the gap and get you FEELING and LOOKING great again!!!

A JOYFUL YOU IS THE BEST COSMETIC…..it truly is!! Get in touch with me, and let’s have a chat!


Mastering Inside-Out Beauty with GoBeYou.!    Go.Be.You x Follain Seattle    University Village, September 25th from 6-8pm    For more info and to purchase tickets - CLICK HERE!

Mastering Inside-Out Beauty with GoBeYou.!

Go.Be.You x Follain Seattle

University Village, September 25th from 6-8pm

For more info and to purchase tickets - CLICK HERE!