Who We Are

GoBeYou was founded by professional makeup artist and wellness coach, Casey Gouveia, with the philosophy that beauty is the result of vitality. Vitality comes from taking care of your whole self. Body, mind and spirit. We are not here to preach perfection. We are here to help you with realistic life-style tweaks and introduce small habits to help you shine. With our coaching and high-grade formulas of supplements and natural skin care we are determined to help you get there!

Our Mission: A Whole You

All of our products are carefully selected to work together. Our inside-out approach emphasizes a balanced body as the foundation for feeling good and being comfortable in your own skin. This is not about going on a diet, but instead intentionally nourishing ALL OF YOU... Stop fearing your age and start living your best life. It all begins within.

When you feel good, a vibrant you shows through!

A Letter From Our Founder

In the race of raising children and maintaining a career I reached a point where something had to give. Stress and the need to be in control had taken a toll on my marriage and my health! After years of putting everyone else’s needs before my own, I realized that I needed a change to rediscover love and vibrancy for myself. The question was, how?

I started GoBeYou. to share the knowledge I gained along my own journey of re-discovery. My story is familiar to many women, and my mission is to provide the products and resources that made me whole again!



Read more... this is my story.


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