3 Things That Will Always Keep You Youthful...

3 things that will always keep you youthful...

My Youth Glue a pair of Levi 501’s and a positive attitude!

I always have said if I didn’t have much, I’d just wear white T-shirts, vintage 501’s and a smile...they never go out of style and they last forever!

Lol...that’s pretty much what I live in anyway!

And what's better than a fresh face that looks like you've just had a facial?     Youth Glue to the rescue! My son picked the name for youth glue. He said, “ Mom, call it Youth Glue. It's like glueing your youth back together!"

Funny not funny, but I agree. LOL

Yep, that’s why we call it Youth Glue!

The reason I love it so much is because it takes off dead skin cells, with gentle exfoliation and tightens your pores! The Spirulina calms any inflammation, especially acne, rosacea and eczema …and…the essential oils help support emotional balance! Win win win! Plus it's fun for a mini facial with friends or family. I mean who doesn't like glowing up together in a green mask?

Renewed skin and an inner outer GLOW, sitting in your 501's with a smile on your face! That sounds good to me!

Cheers to eternal youth!

XO Casey


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