50 Is the Beginning

It’s TRUE.


I just went on a walk with my girlfriends. One is 53, one 60, and myself who is 63.

While we were chatting one thing we all agreed on, is the confidence we feel and the fun we are having at this stage in our lives.

For me, turning 50 was like crossing into a new reality full of possibilities. With age, I began to reach clarity on the ups and downs of life and started to appreciate the confidence that comes with living a long life. I am able to approach things with more gratitude, fun, and grace.

Do not fear! your 50's can be transformational in the best way.

Taking good care of yourself is a wonderful place to start. Start NOW, whatever you have been putting off your entire life; put yourself first, and love yourself through self care. 

I am in my 60s now and LIFE IS SWEET! and I'm perfectly okay with my forehead still moving 😉






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