60 second Facial Massage

Watch my YouTube video here!

Try this simple DIY facial massage morning and night for youthful glowing skin!
First wake up your face with a splash of cold water or a hydrating mist.
Take 4-5 pumps of my GoBeYou.Skin Serum.
A nourishing nectar of active botanicals and essential oils formulated to enhance your skin's health and vibrancy while supporting your emotional well-being.
Just massage it for 60 seconds morning and night and see these results!
Benefits of facial massage:
Minimize wrinkles, prevent puffiness and sagging skin.
Detox facial and neck lymph glands, release sinus congestion, stimulate collagen, and increase blood flow.
Promote healthy glowing skin.
I’m in my 60's yet if you start doing this twice a day at your age, WOW…how youthful and radiant you will look!
Besides this daily practice I also drink my GoBeYou.Inner Beauty Trio.
Our Greens, Collagen Powder and Beauty Supplement team up perfectly to enhance outer beauty from within. This powerhouse of nutrients support your skin, hair, joints, gut and overall immune system. 


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