Have you ever meditated?
Some people prefer prayer, others meditation.
I actually prefer both! 
For me, prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. (Quite often I need to listen)
Allowing whatever it is to come thru in my silence is a gift to myself.  (If you know me I’m quite chatty.
If I can meditate anyone can!) 
Whatever form of spirituality you practice, adding meditation can be so beneficial. 
Decreased blood pressure, to-do lists, stressors, anxiety, negativity and illness.
Increased serenity, imagination, clarity, patience, self-awareness, peace and healing.  
I read recently, "Thru meditation I have a refuge no matter where I am or what I am doing.”
Previously I’ve mentioned that I initiated family meditations during lockdown. We had never done this before. I mean we had a lot of time on our hands and couldn’t do home repairs 24/7. 
So every day for 3 months around 3:00 or after dinner, we would sit together and turn on our guided meditation of choice.  It was awesome!!
An incredible bonding experience for all! 
Meditation might be equivalent to a restful nap, an Ambien, a beautiful dream or an answer you’ve been waiting for! 
I’ve seen the sky open up,(sounds crazy but it’s true) dilemmas solved, ideas come forth and an overall feeling of peace shine thru.
I would love for you to give it a try!
You can just begin by sitting in silence for 5 minutes. Focus on your breath and be still. Whatever distractions come and go, keep returning to your breath. 
Or you can try a few of these guided meditations that I love!  (Most are FREE!)
How about 5 minutes a day and build up from there? (Yes you do have 5 minutes to carve out of your 24 hour day.)
Otherwise just dive right in! 
15 MINUTE HEALING MEDITATION (Heal Your Body Permanently) YouTube


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