Beauty From the Inside Out

Beauty on the outside…but what about the inside?? Do you ever think about what really creates that?? What makes you FEEL good and therefore helps you LOOK good? Especially after 40! For me….it’s CLEANSING!!! Truth be told, I have been fasting and cleansing since I was 22!! I think my first cleanse was when I was managing my sister’s health food store back in 1983!  We had cleanses galore…I think I literally have tried everything out there from the Master Cleanse…to the bentonite clay one (oh that tasted nasty!) and everything in between! I was just so curious!!
Sure a few of those years…I will admit it…I was trying to lose some weight. I figured if I could shrink my waist and cleanse my liver at the same time…why not??? From all my studies, since I was a passionate student of health…giving my digestion a rest once or twice a year sounded like a wise thing to do. I did the Master Cleanse, which is a 10 day liquid fast… for 25 years….no joke!! Once a year!!! I loved it!! I felt so euphoric and clear!! Unfortunately after I turned 50…it didn’t serve me well anymore. I felt shaky and weird so I stopped. More than likely that’s due to the fact that our blood sugar get’s sensitive as we age, and with all the maple syrup in the recipe…my body said NO NO! Don’t get me wrong tho…..I still believe in cleansing at least once a year, FOREVER!!! There are so many benefits, really!!

So what are they? Well, more energy, better sleep, less aches and pains, positive mood, glowing skin, weight loss, and a healthier lifestyle shift!! Getting rid of toxins by cleansing your liver, kidneys, gall bladder and cells….it’s like an inner bath!! The lifestyle suggested to go along with a cleanse, more than likely asks you to give up most common allergens and stimulants, since they cause a lot of inflammation for many people, as well as dehydration!! Not until a person eliminates the culprit for 10-14 days do they realize…AH HAH…so that was it!!! Dry body scrubbing, saunas, lots and lots of water…are lifestyle habits requested on a cleanse as well…sound good?

I don’t know if you know this, but your liver is also a sieve for your emotions? It really has a ton of responsibility. Directing hormones, processing sugars and alcohol, contributing to healthy glowing skin and dealing with our emotions…yes even anger!! If you wake up in the night after an argument…that’s a liver wakeup call!! I really can’t stress the importance of giving it a good cleaning once or twice a year!

So….after all these years…I came up with my own GoBeYou.Beauty Cleanse!! Yes really!! It’s called a BEAUTY CLEANSE  because cleansing our liver does increase our beauty!! Our skin glows from releasing toxins…it glows from the high quality collagen that is in my cleanse ( which also gives you shinier hair and smoother skin)…from the nutrients in the packets and from the inner peace you will feel after the cleanse!!

My GoBeYou. Beauty Cleanse is not a fast…you do eat…as well as drink shakes and take provided supplements that help cleanse your liver for Phase 1, getting toxins out of your liver,  to Phase 2, getting toxins out of your cells!!.You are asked to avoid a lot of things that may not necessarily be fueling your body the way it needs to be fueled, and add is some great healthy lifestyle habits!!.

Consider going on a cleanse. It doesn’t have to be mine…but think about it. Eliminating the wrong fuel for a couple of weeks and supplementing your diet with proper nutrients will help your overall health inside and out!!  Your liver holds excess pharmaceuticals and xenoestrogens (which contribute to hormone imbalance for men and women!) If your liver gets overloaded, you won’t break down these xenoestrogens, and they can wreak havoc, causing preventable illness, anxiety, depression, pain,  insomnia, hormone imbalance and fat tissue like BELLY FAT! Get it? !!

Your liver needs a vacation!! It needs a chance to clear out the cobwebs….to purify and REBOOT!! Give it a chance with me.

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I can’t stress enough how much I care about you, and want us all to live the longest, yet HEALTHIEST JOYFUL LIFE!!!!



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