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What's in your beauty pantry?
Having been a makeup artist all these years, I'll admit I've got quite the collection, tho I’m lazy about wearing makeup myself!
I thought I’d share some new products I’ve been enjoying working with as well as some true and tried items in my kit that I can’t live without. 
Often I have to venture out of the clean beauty world to please my clients, so I’m also sharing a few favorites that don’t fall into the clean beauty category.
The secret is to keep it fresh, luminous and glowing. Personally, I believe skincare is the new makeup! Nothing is more beautiful than radiant skin. That's why I'm adamant about hydration, cleansing and using my Youth Glue and Skin Serum daily.
I do love a pop of color tho! Loving ILIA's new MULTI STICK PALLETE for lips and eyes!
Here's my makeup tutorial using some of my favorites on myself!
If you’d like to watch more tutorials on makeup application, my dear friend Katey Denno is a clean beauty master! She has loads of tutorials for you and a "Shop My Cart" leading you directly to the products she’s using. Have a look at @kateydenno on Instagram!
Hydrating Nutrient Mist by FĀTH.  It has a beautiful rose scent and preps the skin well before I massage in my Skin Serum.
GoBeYou. Skin Serum. Massage in before any makeup application for nourishment and calm.
VAPOUR Beauty Gentle Illuminating Primer is nice and luminous, sealing up your pores before foundation application.
VAPOUR Beauty Soft Focus Foundation has nice and light coverage. Looks like skin!
ILIA Beauty true serum concealers are light concealers perfect for the T-zone. Remember your concealer should be just one shade lighter than your foundation. (No raccoon eyes!)
ILIA’s NEW MULTI STICK PALETTE for lips and cheeks!!
SAIE Slip Tint Broad Spectrum SPF35 Sunscreen Tinted Moisturizer is perfect as a foundation and sunscreen.
OULI’S OINTMENT All Purpose Beauty Balm for lips. I use it as a prep or a gloss. 
GLOSSIER Boy Brow and Brow Flick for eyebrows. Make sure not to make them too dark!
FENTY BEAUTY CHEEKS OUT in 05 Teddy. I love this as a contour or bronzer!
ELF bronzer palette. Bronzed Beauty a gorgeous palette for bronzing or just for eyeshadow. Remember you can use the same product for many things! Just grab it at your local CVS, Bartell’s or Target.
ILIA Beauty Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm (it’s a lipstick) in Lullaby. Nice natural pop!
By MARIO Master Mattes Liquid Liner Super Black stays on nicely without a shine. 
KOSASSPORT Hyaluronic Lip Balm in Rush. Great to apply on lips and cheeks for a fresh face!
Don't hesitate to use any lipstick or creme blush on cheeks, lips and eyes for a fresh Springy look!
Always remember, less is more!!


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