Could You Live Off The Land If You Had To?

We are all so reliant on others providing our sustenance, we’ve been talking about a lot of things out here...the next protest, what more we can do and what each of our responsibilities would be if we were stuck here right now and had to live off the land?
What each person’s role would be!

I know my husband would be the protector and crabber! Boe likes to fish and build and climb! Olivia definitely has a green thumb and loves to forage & cook! Mylo: entertainer, DJ and Dr. Doolittle. Sara is a calm in the storm; a good listener and peace keeper. Jesse is still in NYC.... wouldn’t take time away from his mission for justice.(we miss u jesse) but I respect him so much for that....he is awesome at building furniture and cooking tho!

What about me? hm.. no juicer here 💚Lol! People used to live on so much less, didn’t need all the materialistic pleasures. With the pandemic and all, we are thinking more about everything that matters ....equality, health and the difference between a WANT and a NEED.


XO Casey


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