Don't Let The Wave of Menopause Knock You Down

Menopause can be such a negative experience for so many women, but it doesn’t have to be!

I think for many of us, we are just so uninformed! We’ve been told it’s all about hot flashes, but then when everything else starts changing, we are thrown off guard! It literally knocks us down !

I mean emotional changes too! It’s like someone pulled the switch on us and all of a sudden we don’t feel like putting up with much anymore! I remember feeling like saying NO much more than saying YES! Anyone else feel that?

Yet, it’s a completely natural season of life that we’re supposed to go thru!

It can be scary and feel like we’re in the midst of a struggle we don’t want. But like anything in life, sometimes instead of putting up a fight, we need to surrender.

I found that when I went thru menopause I did have to take a big step back and reflect on what was helping me live in balance and what was throwing me out of whack. I had to make some drastic changes!

It’s like menopause was a wake up call to all the big and small things that I had been tolerating and now I needed to say, “No more!”

Anybody relate?

Menopause is an opportunity to go within, sounds cliché, but it is a rebirth! A new you can emerge. For some women they become stronger, for me, I became softer. That’s what I needed.

I hope you’ll embrace the changes you are going thru during menopause and embrace aging. Don’t try so hard to hold onto the old you, let the new you emerge.

You are beautiful and wise and lovely.

Your worth is not diminished by the number of lines on your face, remember that please.

Don’t let the wave of menopause knock you down. Learn to swim with it.

There are many resources available to help you get thru this season of life. Welcome them.


XO Casey


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