Sunday Supper

When I was a child, my parents would often drive us to Woodburn, Oregon on the weekends. That’s where my grandmother, aunt and uncle lived…. together. They took care of one another since my uncle had cerebral palsy since birth. My mom was a nurse, so her help was always appreciated and for some reason, I guess just out of pure LOVE…Dad would drive us that 3 hour drive more often than not so Mom could help out.

Some of my best childhood memories were at Grandma’s.

Playing in her garden and baking bread together…I just loved that!! More importantly,  I learned a lot about disabilities at a very young age and the sacrifice it took to care for someone properly. Uncle John couldn't speak nor control his muscle movement, yet I could still tell what he was thinking thru his eyes. I saw sadness and I saw joy. Growing up around him really did give me a heart for the helpless…but most of all…I learned the importance of family and Sunday Suppers.

Every Sunday that we were there, the rest of our relatives would all join us as my grandmother and Mom prepared a modest feast. The kitchen was bustling! Grandma had a garden….all the vegetables were fresh..the meat was grass fed. NO BOOZE It wasn’t super expensive nor TRENDING, it’s just the way it was!! We all sat down around a big oval table. Platters full of steamed veggies would be passed around. No appetizers, no fuss…just good wholesome nutritious food and merriment!! My Uncle Pat would play the piano…I always loved that.

Fast forward to now…Sunday Suppers are a tradition in my home. Even tho my kids live all over the place...we still have them..with family or friends!  Sometimes we have feisty discussions… other times problem solving …but basically, we just catch up and share a meal together. With such busy lives we all lead, I realize Sunday Suppers might not seem realistic to you….yet meaningful connection is so important!!! Often times people get overwhelmed with preparing a meal because they make it too complicated or expensive…yet just being together is the whole point, right? Preparing a simple modest meal for the ones you love…well…let’s just say…I will be doing it till the day I die…with pleasure!!


Prepare SUNDAY SUPPER for yourself and a friend or family.  If you live alone, invite someone over. Gather together. Community is good for us!! Too much isolation is not!! If you have no family near, then create one!! Keep it simple and healthy!!



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