How We Get Our Glow: Black Berry Seed Oil




Are you familiar with Black Berry Seed Oil?

It’s in our GoBeYou. Skin Serum! Black berry seed oil is super good for your skin. It is known to calm inflammation such as redness and eczema, and it contains loads of Vitamin C, which is a known ingredient for brightening the skin. If you are in peri-menopause or menopause, we find this especially important as your skin  tends to get more dry and inflamed. 

Topically,  blackberry seed oil blended with all the other powerhouse natural ingredients makes our serum lovely and LOVING. Not to mention the helichrysum smells divine. want to feed your face a whole foods diet just like you feed your body! All ingredients in your skin care should be a perfect meal for your face.

That's what we think anyway!


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