It's The Little Things...

I’ve been married 33 years, and still, it’s the little things that add up to big love.

Like my husband leaving me this simple flower he picked and a note before he left town.

I think too often we either take our partners for granted.. (yep I’ve sure done that) or we try to think of some fabulous gift or gesture that’s impressive, and we end up doing nothing at all.

One of the keys to a good relationship is gifting your person something they need, not something you need.

We need to pay attention. A simple note from the heart can be much more meaningful than something from a store .

All those years when our kids were little, just asking me what I needed help with, or better yet…not asking… just helping…or running me a candlelight bubble bath, was worth a million bucks!

Do you need to slow down, take the time to say or do something thoughtful for someone you love? In our world of texts and emails, a handwritten note goes a long way.

What’s your favorite thing to do or to receive? Maybe we all could use some inspiration!!

P.s. Don’t take your person for granted ❤️ that means your parents and your kids too!




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