When I think of Spring I think of joyful moments.
A mama bird built a nest on our porch. Just watching her fly to and fro with twigs, scraps and worms made me feel good inside!
Or the time I went Irish dancing with my young son and we were hand in hand underneath the canopy of arms. Our smiles were as wide as can be!
Whether present or past, we could all use a little more joy!
Here are a few ways to bring joyful moments into your day: 
DECLUTTER!  Go thru your home or closet and gather up 10 things that still have value, give them away. It’s healthy to part with possessions. Clutter in your mind or your home take up precious space! 
WEAVE JOYFUL MOMENTS into your day. Think about what brings you joy and do more of it daily!  Maybe go on a walk, or treat yourself to something big or small? FaceTime friends or family.  Grab a new lipstick, or paint your fingernails. You and your roomie give each other foot rubs. (We love that!)
RECITE WHAT YOU’RE GRATEFUL FOR.  Ya I know, I keep saying that, yet actually saying the word GRATITUDE out loud induces positive emotions like happiness and joy! 
VOLUNTEER. There are so many volunteer opportunities available! When you give you receive so much back! Volunteering can reduce stress and increase positive relaxed feelings since dopamine is released. Service to others gives you a sense of meaning, purpose and appreciation, we all need that! 
I remember one time when my son Mylo was about 8 we volunteered at Northwest Harvest Foodbank. We had such fun wearing these silly baggies on our heads as we bagged up frozen peas. Yet when the warehouse manager explained to us that the food we had all packaged would feed enough people to fill the football stadium, our hearts jumped with joy. 
If you need some volunteer opportunities check out local food banks in your area, school, church or favorite non-profit organization. 
I’m sure many of you have also volunteered numerous times, don’t stop! Especially if you’re feeling a bit down…fill your JOY CUP UP!
LIMIT SCREEN TIME…keep it away from the dinner table, don’t leave it next to your bed. Enjoy the moment!
Put on some GOOD MUSIC. Nothing like an oldie but goodie to fill your heart. DANCE!
Lastly, TRY THIS EXERCISE. Close your eyes and think of a moment when you felt joyful. Now hold onto it. Just savor where you were, who you were with, see it in your mind...hold onto it for 90 seconds. You’ll be surprised how amazing you’ll feel when you open your eyes.
Life is short!


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