Ladies Take a Whiff!

These are freshly picked Cecil Brunner roses from my rosebush, reminding me of the healing power of plants. Rose is one of the aromatic and calming scents in my serum.

I often smother my face in roses! Their scents are amazing. They put me in a high vibration! Have you ever noticed the difference between the scent of a garden rose compared to that of one that's mass produced? It's like fresh and fragrant versus, it barely has a scent!

Are you familiar with OLFACTION? Your sense of smell? It really affects how you feel about things! Makes you run to or run away, you know what I mean?

That’s why realtors put home baked cookies in homes for sale. It sends a “good feeling” to potential buyers, feels like home.

Or why I often sauté garlic and olive oil right before dinner guests arrive! They always say, "It smells yummy in here." 

What about the scent of lilacs..reminds me of my mom and my grandmother...warmth and love.

Think about the scents that you have around you and increase those feel good scents that really make you feel good inside. What are they?

For me it’s rose, frankincense, rosemary, sandalwood and lavender. It’s why I include their essential oils in my GoBeYou Skin Serum. They smell so good, bring me into my feminine energy and are healing on many levels...especially in calming and grounding my spirit. And did u know that rosemary is good for your memory? It is!

Remember, a really heartwarming scent can uplift your mood and affect your health. 

It can even help with addiction. Taking a whiff of a calming scent can distract you from an unhealthy craving ! It really can!

Fill your home with nature’s mood lifting scents! If it can’t be real flowers then purchase some essential oils and put them in a diffuser. (Skip the fake scented candles and go for the real deal!)

Or grab my Skin smells divine and works wonders on your skin and your mood .



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