Skincare & Makeup Tips for the Holidays

Holiday parties can truly overwhelm us just thinking of what to wear and how to freshen up!
It’s not that we need to overdue it…less can still be more.
You can be absolutely gorgeous and chic, without a stitch of makeup!
Most importantly, you want your skin to look fresh, radiant and rested!
So I suggest giving yourself a mini facial before your evening begins. My Youth Glue and Skin Serum work perfectly to remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate, freshen and nourish!
When I’m prepping myself or a client, I always massage my skin serum in really well…using my 60 seconds technique. It really wakes up the skin, bringing energy and radiance to the surface! It glows!
I often mix a drop of my skin serum with a drop of foundation, keeping it light and luminous. Using a damp Beauty Blender sponge I blend the mixture into the pores really well. My favorite foundations are Vapour Beauty and Ilia. Both sheer, luminous and clean. If you have troubled sports, go ahead and use a heavier foundation or concealer in those areas only. (Remember, you want your foundation to look like skin!)
Eyebrows…you can either keep them sheer or build them up. Lately I’ve been loving Valentino’s Brow Trio. When carefully sculpting them in, remember to follow the natural line of your nose where it meets your eyebrows. Don’t make them too close together or too far apart. 
Eyes...I find bronze and gold toned eyeshadows perfect for the holidays.  They give your eyes a twinkle and go perfectly with a bit of bronzer on the cheeks. Urban Decay makes a beautiful Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette. If you’re feeling perky or need a pick me up, go ahead and do a tiny black eyeliner flick on the corners as well. You need not line your whole eye, just the top third edge! If your eyes are tired or small, you can also do an inner liner on your water line with a white pencil…this opens the eye!
Blush…or Bronzers with shimmer, I love Kosas. You can use these as eyeshadow as well! If you prefer no shimmer, Ilia makes some nice ones too. Try Westman Atelier for some beautiful cream and powder bronzers/blush as well.
Lips…maybe a natural gloss with a hint of color or go for it with a punch of pinky red!  I love “CONFIDENCE” by Kjær Weis!
Yes, you can always blot your lips with your fingertips and use that as blush too!
Kjær Weis also makes a beautiful luminizer you can add along the brow of your nose, cupids bow or cheek bones for the finishing touch!
For some great inspiration and new ideas I highly suggest you follow my dear friend @Kateydenno for the best makeup tutorials! Also @gucciwestman! They both have beautiful taste and style and will lead you in the right direction for day or evening application.  
Enjoy the Holiday festivities.
Most importantly…remember your true beauty glows from within!
P.S. don’t forget to moisturize your décolleté, shoulders, hands and  arms! My favorite is French Caudalíe Hyaluronique Body Lotion! It gives a silky finish and smells divine. 


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