My daughter caught me napping with Etta.

Isn’t it odd how we encourage babies to nap so they can grow and flourish and yet when we’re depleted we push ourselves even harder?

We tell our kids to take a time out when their frazzled or naughty…

but what do we do when we feel irritated or bitchy, haven’t had a good nights sleep?…Instead of resting we have another coffee.

That used to be me! I’d have a coffee at 3:00 to help me face the night shift of dinner, homework and chores. A never ending cycle. Pushing my adrenals to the brink!

I know this is true for many of you even in your 20's and 30's! Take it from me, you need to learn to rest! It’s ok to unplug! Walk away from your laptop (especially if
you are working from home…take a break)!

🍒 walk around the block
🍒 take a nap
🍒 meditate for 10-20 min
🍒 get out in the sun and get some Vitamin D!
🍒At least unplug
🍒Turn on your favorite song and dance!!
🍒 Mix up my Inner Beauty Trio! It will give you fresh energy and boost your beauty and your mood!

Rest equals repair!

Trust me, it does.

I care about you.



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