Everyone of us is different. Some eat breakfast some don’t.
Whether you practice intermittent fasting or not, your first meal of the day needs to be NOURISHING!
It could be a poached egg on toast, avocado toast,
oatmeal with nuts or a powerhouse protein shake. Sometimes I have a crazy bowl of GF grains, beans and seeds with nut milk.
Whatever you choose, please be sure to include protein for your muscles, brain and blood sugar. Remember, most of us have higher cortisol when we wake up. So a big jolt of caffeine on top of that sends some of us into fight or flight. Instead we need nourishment!
Here’s my absolute favorite shake to start my day!

This recipe is my SUPERPOWER since I'm getting the protein, fat and fiber I need, plus so much brain fuel!

I use our Bone Broth Protein powder since it's an amazing source of vitamins and minerals, a complete meal. Plus it's so good for your gut. When your gut is good, your brain functions better! Did you know that?

Then I add walnuts and MCT oil for added focus and brain power! It's a win win!

Drink this and get your *%!# done!!


1 cup Almond milk or soy milk.

1/2 cup wild frozen blueberries

1 scoop GoBeYou. Bone Broth Protein powder

2 walnuts

1 Tablespoon Flax Meal

1 Tablespoon MCT Oil

1/4 cup water


Blend it up in a Nutri-bullet and ENJOY! 
Have a beautiful day!


GoBeYou. Bone Broth Protein Shake IG Reel

Watch my IG reel for the recipe here!


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