Pop of Color

How do we bring Spring in?
Do you or your home need a major Spring Clean or just a pop of color?
Maybe some red tulips, a big bowl of bright yellow lemons or a pop of red lipstick!
Often nature can do the trick.  Bring nature in! Colorful flowers, a bouquet of branches picked on a walk or some fresh herbs to hang in the kitchen always perks things up.
Years ago we traveled to Africa and I noticed that the hotel had a large sprig of rosemary in the bathrooms.  I thought that was a clever idea. So I returned home and followed suit. 
I often hang eucalyptus branches from the shower, especially when I have house guests. They really freshen up the space and add an unexpected element that guests enjoy.
Both eucalyptus and rosemary contain essential oils known for minimizing stress levels and lifting spirits. Eucalyptus is also great for your lung and respiratory health…yet rosemary is supposed to aid in memory! 
HA (Whenever I forget why I went down to the basement, I take a whiff! LOL)
Another way to freshen up your home is by giving the walls a fresh coat of white paint. WOW does that add light to the space. 
OR…paint a wall a bright color!
According to Feng Shui bright colors like pink or red can bring energy in. Supposedly really beneficial for shy or introverted children. I actually had a friend years ago who tried it in her daughter’s room…it worked! So if you are feeling blah and need a little perk, why not give it a go!
One last bit of advice I received years ago...always have a touch of red in your bedroom for PASSION. Makes sense doesn’t it!
OR a pop of red lipstick! @kosas THRILLEST
It’s fun to think of different ways to freshen yourself up or add beauty to your home. 
Have fun!


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