Pro Aging

What’s your skincare routine?
For years I didn’t have one! I took advantage of my skin and then menopause hit, and I was like….what happened?
With loss of collagen, my pores grew bigger, my face hollowed out and the lines grew deeper.
What to do!
I figured if I took better care of my skin by feeding it what it needs internally and externally I’d be fine.
I mean you can't stop the tide from coming in, don’t fool yourself!
As most of you know, I researched and researched and came up with products to help me take care of me and you take care of you!
GoBeYou.Youth Glue  sheds dead skin cells, tightens pores, reduces inflammation, minimizes wrinkles, calms emotions, and gives my skin a glow!
GoBeYou.Skin Serum is a nourishing nectar of active botanicals and essential oils formulated to enhance your skin’s health and vibrancy while supporting emotional well-being. (That was a must!)
GoBeYou.Inner Beauty Trio. Greens, Collagen Powder and a Beauty Supplement paired together with glowing skin and hair! These three supplements are chocked full of power-house ingredients that contribute to your physical beauty. Skin in plumped and the appearance of fine lines reduced. Hair, nails and joints are strengthened.
In the meantime, here's my daily ritual. I'm really impressed with how my Youth Glue buffs my skin! It tightens my pores, reduced any inflammation and gives my skin a glow! It really looks like I got my face buffed!
Then of course, my serum feeds it with all the essential ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and proaging! All clean, no funny business hiding here!
I’m focusing on this routine daily! I really see a difference! Youth Glue, Skin Serum and TRIO for the WIN!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!
If you're looking for a toning device that you can use at home, check out NuFace. My daughter swears by it!
You can't rewind time but you can improve your future!
Most days, I look in the mirror and say “I love you”. I don’t look for new signs of aging, instead I look within with gratitude, thankful I’m still here!!
I know true beauty does comes from within, let’s not forget that.
Quit focusing on aging, focus on the beauty that comes with age!  
P.s. Leave the Youth Glue on for 5 minutes till it dries. Then use a wet wash cloth to wipe it off. You could do a 5 minute meditation while you wait!


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