Can you guess what I'm doing here?

It's one way I cultivate more peace from within.

SHINRIN YOKU...helps me cleanse my mind.  An overactive mind robs us of our peace. Remember, peace comes from within. Yet it is helpful to place ourselves in a peaceful setting in order to cultivate that peace. 

Shinrin Yoku or SHINROKU is the Japanese word for FOREST BATHING.  

I lived in Japan twice...once as a university student and the other as a model. On the weekends, I spent a lot of time out in the country by Mount nature. I just loved it there. Funny thing, years later I ended up marrying Mark, he's half Japanese!

Since then, I've been intrigued with eastern medicine and lifestyle practices. There is a reason why they live the since my mid twenties...I've been studying and trying to incorporate some of their rituals, food choices and skincare regimes into the life of my family and myself. 

Shinrin Yoku ...going within...sitting in nature and just a healing technique that Americans seem to neglect. If anything, we are more likely to fill our time...keep scrolling...overdo it...instead of slowing down! We caffeine up and keep going. It's almost as if resting is a sign of weakness in our culture.
(That's messed up!)

Trees emit oils called phytoncides that help our immune system. Our olfactory system takes in these scents and healing can result. Blood pressure can stabilize, stress and depression can be reduced...well being improved.

As you know, it's not just trees..all sorts of scents that come from nature's bounty can be healing. My favorites are CEDAR, PINE, FLORAL SCENTS like YLANG YLANG and LAVENDER, SEAWATER and HELICHRYSUM.
This is why I have incorporated healing essential oils from nature into my skincare products. My goal is to help beautify your skin while supporting calm and peace from within.

So today...I would love it if you could find a place in nature...ideally among trees, yet even if it's in your yard or under a tree in the park, that will do just fine. Try your best to get away from people, your phone and unnecessary interruptions ...and practice shinroku.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and hands on your knees...make sure your feet touch the can initially say a prayer, your affirmation or a mantra if you like. Take a few cleansing breaths and just sit .

Listen....the wind, rain...birds...and breathe in the scents of nature. 

Enjoy quieting your mind and cultivating peace from within.

Have a beautiful day friends,
love Casey


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