Sun-Kissed... With My Serum!

By the you ever think about why sunflowers grow in intense sunlight? They never get sun burned or scorched! They just stare straight at the sun and grow! So I find it fascinating that sunflower seed oil is great for our skin and in preventing sun damage!
Did u know that? That’s why I included it in my GoBeYou. skin serum formula!

Sunflower seed oil also contains Vitamin E. When I was a kid, if I got a cut or scrape on my skin that scabbed mom would poke a needle in a Vitamin E capsule and spread it on my wound. She said it would help with healing and prevent scarring.

I don’t scrape my knees or elbows much anymore but I do love the sun!! We need sunshine and I think it’s necessary to get out in it everyday. But...we also need some natural protection from it too!

That’s why I included Sunflower seed oil, Astaxanthin , CoQ10 and Vitamin E in my serum!! They are each POWERHOUSE SUN DAMAGE PROTECTORS! Why not have all you need in one bottle ...just one step. (I just can’t be bothered with 8 skincare steps...who has time for that anyway).

I know many people think the sun is our enemy. But it has more benefits than you realize ( Vitamin D too!) Don’t hide from the sun!! Just massage a drop or two in before you head out!

I just love a sunkissed GLOW...don’t you?


XO Casey


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