Turn Off The Self Critic.

Turn off the self critic
Turn on the self love!

There is so much good in you... so much good about you.... love who you are and what you already have .... you are enough!!!

A lot of women my age beat themselves up!!! They look back on the younger years as if that was just... you know the most perfect time in their life ...but remember those times were hard too... you had different kinds of struggles!

Even if you were wrinkle free... there were other kinds of wrinkles! So let’s get on with it! Let’s just love ourselves the best we can right now, right where we are!

Let’s take care of ourselves ...our whole selves ...no need to examine our flaws in close-up mirrors and count our wrinkles and our sunspots!

Let’s just be thankful we’re still here and we have someone to look at in that mirror!!

Turn off the self critic
Turn on the self love.... and share it.... spread it... be it!


XO Casey


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