Good morning!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Grab your phone? NOOOOOOOOO  

Let’s back up a little. The night before you go to bed, set out a big tall glass (yes glass) of water on your bed stand. 
At least 12 -16 ounces. Just in case you're parched in the middle of the night, you may need to add even more!
(Let’s just hope there’s something left by morning)

Let your first thing be…. while you are still in bed... stretch, stretch, stretch….yes your toes, your fingers, your everything. 

It’s a NEW day!

You're sure to be thirsty after a long night’s rest.

So don’t get out of bed yet.
Sit up and drink that big glass of water now!  YES… hydrate. Your body has been detoxing all night long and needs a bit of a rinse!

So many people have a coffee first thing in the morning. 
Coffee has it’s pros and cons…yet it is dehydrating.
So while we’re talking health and beauty, let’s 
hydrate first!

Now before you jump out of bed, how about reciting a positive affirmation, or 5 things you are grateful for!

Beginning your day with positivity and gratitude sets you up with appreciation.

It’s like a survival kit for the storms ahead..

OK, now you can jump out of bed!


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