Who Wants A Foot Rub?

Every time I go to New York my son and I go to Chinatown and get a foot rub. It sure does wonders!  
(And dang sometimes it hurts!) 

Have you any idea how many pressure points in your feet connect to different parts of your body? HUNDREDS!

Foot reflexology (or a good foot massage) can help balance your body's health by stimulating particular organs and associated body areas.
It's fascinating.

Often if the pressure hurts in a particular spot I will ask the massage therapist what that means? It could be my adrenals need calming, other times it's a pressure point connected to my kidneys (maybe I'm dehydrated). There's even a spot on the bottom of your feet that can relieve constipation! WHO KNEW!

Just pinching the very tips of your toes can help clear your sinuses.

I highly suggest getting or giving a good foot rub! You can always study a foot reflexology chart, grab a friend, a partner, or put down your darn phone and massage your own feet.

There are so many amazing ways to help your body get back in balance. It's not a bad idea for a date night either. hehe

Love yourself thru your feet with me!

XO Casey


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