You Always Have a Choice.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is choosing what you should do, but you really do have a choice.

I was talking to a friend who experienced a very serious tragedy and I’ve seen her overcome it .

She looked me in the eye, and said, “You always have a choice.”

I think we all need to remember that whether it’s concerning a traumatic event, our health or unhealthy relationships, how to use our time… or choosing positivity over negativity…choosing kindness instead of anger and resentment, we do have a choice.

We can build each other up, or tear each other down.

We always have a choice.

You have a choice this week to focus on what’s important in your life. To put your energy into the apples instead of the stuff that can suck up your day and distract you from your priorities… don’t let it.

You always have a choice.

You even have a choice to forgive over and over again ❤️

XO Casey


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