Spring is popping up all around us!
So how do we feel more ALIVE?
By waking that body up with a ZING!
Any time of the day you can splash your face with cold water or you can just JUMP IN! 
Polar plunge in a river, the sea or an ice cold tub of water!
A couple years ago we watched the GOOP LAB Netlfix series on the Wim Hof method. Have you heard of it? 
It’s really a polar plunge involving meditation and breathing techniques. 
1. Third eye meditation.
2. Cold exposure.
3. Specialized breathing techniques.
Hof says we can make our bodies more resilient in the face of physical and psychological stress by using three techniques.
Check it out
Https://goop.com/breathwork-and-the-wim-hof-method/. Hopefully you can still find the Goop Lab video about it! Really good!
(Of course if you have any medical conditions please check with your doctor before you try this.)
Another…less intense way of creating that ZING is thru hydrotherapy.
We practice this method daily during our GoBeYou.Beauty Cleanse 14 Day Detox program.
It’s pretty simple.
Just get in the shower and alternate hot/cold water. This stimulates circulation and your immune system. You can also do a sauna/cold/shower/sauna etc., if you belong to a gym. This is not for the squeamish. Of course, just a sauna and a shower are beneficial as well.
One thing I like to add to the mix is eucalyptus shower tablets. These are cleansing vapors of eucalyptus that are well known for deep support of respiratory health. These tablets are combined with concentrated cooling peppermint for an awakening and refreshing shower. You just place 1-2 tablets in the shower corner.  The whole experience is rejuvenating!
Purchase at palmandperkins.com
Please give at least one of these ZINGS a try!!
I’ll be thinking of you as I JUMP IN!


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