Home Cooking

What’s cooking?
How many of us have relied on take out during Covid and never returned to home cooking?
Is that you?
Well I’m here to tell you. GET COOKING!
Home cooking is so much better for your and your family! Besides the nourishment, it makes your home smell inviting, creates community and there is nothing better than a whole family crowded around the dinner table!
The conversations are priceless! (Plus no one give you the eagle eye cuz you’re staying too long at a restaurant).
So many dining room tables sit alone these days. It's time to fill that table up!
Sure, we eat out, yet home cooking is a priority. We use fresh ingredients. We know what’s going into our food and we fuel our bodies with what we need, rather than what's convenient. Not a bunch of trans fat oils which are so prevalent in restaurant food…and we love to cook together!
If I especially enjoy a dinner out, I take a photo of what I like and try to replicate it at home...
or I'll look thru different recipes or cookbooks finding something similar.
I do believe with all my heart that if you cook more and include your family in the process…they’ll generally reach for healthier foods! I used to divide up the recipes and give each person something to prepare. Because of that, my husband now makes a mean LAVENDER CREME BRULEÉ (before that he rarely even cooked!)
Recently I became a grandmother and have been impressed with all the resources out there for young moms and home cooking.  My daughter Olivia has adopted “SOLID STARTS” 100 days of home cooked foods to introduce to Etta so that she can learn to enjoy all the flavors of real food and not become a picky eater! WOW, it’s working! She loves everything from paté to munching on a huge chunk of avocado like a snicker bar. Yes, it takes time and planning but it’s worth it!
How much home cooking are you doing? 
I frequently post on IG stories what’s cooking in my home but here are a few great resources and inspiration:
"IT’S ALL GOOD" by Gwyneth Paltrow. Still one of my all time favorite cookbooks. Has tons of great recipes for all types. Family, keto, vegetarian and detox menus. 
Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman Some yummy simple yet zesty recipes.
TENDER by Tamara Murphy She says, “This book is meant to inspire you to cook more." She believes what grows together goes together. I agree!!
Attend more FARMER’S MARKETS! So inspiring! Fresh produce is inviting!
IG @munchinwithmaddie_ healthy recipes and wellness
IG @eyeswoon.  She has Eyeswoon Unplugged on Instagram where she does cooking tutorials. Very healthy, suffisticated  and yummy recipes! (Nice for dinner parties)
If you rarely cook at home, try two of my simple home cooked meals: Kale Caesar Salad or tacos! We all help out and there’a always extras if friends stop by. You can vary the ingredients and enjoy the party!
For the tacos I either bake fish or chicken. I dice a sweet potato and sprinkle it with smokey paprika, salt and pepper. I melt a bit of coconut oil in a glass pan first and toss the potatoes in at 400 for about 35 min. I thinly slice and sauté one yellow onion in coconut oil. Prepare a chipotle sauce with Vegannaise and sciracha. Thinly sliced cabbage and cilantro and put my Green Garden Sauce on top! So simple and so fun to do together! Sometimes we even make our own tortillas with MASECA, that’s great fun as well! Arrange all the different ingredients in nice vessels or put them in a long line across the table and let everyone dig in and prepare their own taco!
My new favorite meal is CATAPLANA, a healthy seafood dish we've been enjoying in Portugal! Perfect for a simple dinner party and it only takes 1 hour from start to finish!
I challenge you to cook a fun dinner for yourself, family or friends this weekend!


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